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Lesson 4

Where the wilds things are 


The outcome for the unit: Rewrite the story of where the wild things are. 


LO: I can rewrite a story. 


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar: using the suffix - ing, -ed and -er.

Can you try and use this in your writing? 


Use Day 4 pdf with plan


1. Tell the children that today we are going to evaluate our stories to see if we have been successful.

- Use the marking ladder to support you ( see below) 

2. Ask the children to read through the whole story independently and use the marking ladder themselves first. 

3. Adult to then go through the story and use the marking ladder and compare. 


4. Ask children how long they thought the story took to happen and whether they thought it really happened

What makes them think that?

Record their ideas on paper. 

5. Children to write whether they thought the story was real or a dream. 

6. Start the sentence with I think the story is..... because.....

- Remember to use because in sentences. 




Yes! because ...

The moon is changing

It says he sailed away for almost a year

I think it was like Doctor Who and he was in another world at the same time...



No! because

The trees grow in his bedroom so I think he's fallen asleep and he's dreaming...

If it really happened the monsters would eat him up...

His dinner is still hot


Do you think the story was real?

Do you think the story was a dream?


What can you see/read that tells you this? 














I can evaluate my own work 


I can use a marking ladder 


I can reason for my opinion 


I can start my sentence with I think 


I can use because in my sentence 











Resources for learning

Marking Ladder