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Letters and Sounds

Dear all,
The children should be using strategies such as segmenting and blending their sounds. Please check what group is your child in and choose the right game to practise their phonic knowledge.
Thank you

Phase5 group: Max, Julia
Phase4 group: Aadheen, Zakaria, Bo, Merdijan, Bea, George, Imani, Sarah,  Lourenco Halima, Lemar,  Iman, Rateel, Laura, Betsey,                                       Cyrus, Muhammad, Lyla, Zanadin, Liya, Hanan, Arwa
Phase3 group: Asifah, Lela, Shahla, Kaelen,  Kinan, Yassine, Shanaya, Bilal, Zakaria, Ashton, Arthur
Phase2 Group: LeRoy, Ahmed, Lorik, Yara