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Introduce the book ‘What the ladybird heard’. Talk about the title/author/illustrator.

  • Cut out pictures of the animals, their names and sound that each animal makes. Match the animals with correct name and sound.
  • Ask the children if they can write a list of animals from the story (you can use your cut out pictures of animals as clues).
  • Ask the children if they can draw a story map.
  • The Robbers are very sorry and they tried to write a letter to ladybird to apologise, but they are not very good with their writing. Have a look and try to read the letter that the robbers wrote to the ladybird from the jail.
  • Do you think you can help them to write a better letter?


  1. Don’t forget: every letter needs to start with a greeting and the name of the person that the letter is for.
  2. Then, write your message.
  3. At the end, you need to write who the letter is from.


Model an example for the children


Dear ladybird,

I am so sorry. I did not want to scare the fine prize cow. It was not kind.

I will never do it again.

From ……..




Ask children


Why do people write and send letters?


Have you ever written a letter to anyone? 


How would we start a letter? 


What are some of the things we would have to include in a letter?










Examples: story maps 

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