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This week we will recap 2D and 3D shapes.
Please listen to the songs below:

If you have 2D shapes at home (you can draw some) and 3D shapes (can be boxes from the cereal, ball, party had, tin etc.) play an action game with your child. 
Show them a shape and they have to either lie down flat on the floor (that will represent 2D flat shape) or curl up in a ball (that will represent 3D solid shape)

Extended math: Let the children describe the properties of the shapes. E.g. square has four equal sides, cube is made of 6 squares 
(6 square faces)

Shapes Song 2

A shapes song for children.If this video corrupts, please try the link below. song was written and performed by...

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

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