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This week we are going to learn how to take away using different strategies.


  • The children use real objects to see that the quantity of a group can be changed by taking away.
  • Encourage the children to count out all of the items at the start, take away to required amount practically and recount to see how many is left

ten green bottles hanging on the wall

Nursey counting rhyme: ten green bottles hanging on a wall, and if one green bottle should accidently fall............

Five Currant Buns In A Baker's Shop | 5 | NURSERY RHYME | RainbowRabbit | Counting Song |

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Sand area

Ask your child to line up 10 pebbles or shells. Role a dice and take away the pebbles from the line.

You can turn it to a game the winner is the one who avoid to take away the last pebble.


Play-dough splat

make play-dough balls and splat some, count how many is left, write your mathematical sentence for taking away


Outdoor mathematics

Create a countdown game by chalking number 10 – 0 leading towards a rocket. Children can roll the dice and jump from 10 to 0. First to reach the rocket shouts blast off.

You can use flash card with numbers instead the dice.


After the games show your children mathematics sentence which links to their play.

See pictures below.