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This week we will be learning to identify and recreate a regular repeating pattern.


  • Children can copy, continue and create simple repeating pattern.
  • They focus on AB and ABC patterns. (It is important to provide patterns with at least three full units of repeat.
  • Encourage children to say pattern aloud as this helps them to identify the part which repeats and supports them to continue the pattern.
  • The children should be given opportunities to explore pattern in a range of context including shapes, colour, size, action and sound.


You can demonstrate AB pattern

size pattern big, small, big, small, etc. (A, B, A, B, A, ...)

pattern long, tall, long, tall, long etc.

shape pattern hexagon, trapezoid, hexagon, trapezoid, hexagon etc.

colour pattern orange, red, orange, red, orange etc.

Sounds learnt in phonics can be practise and reinforce through the pattern.


sh, ch, sh, ch, sh, ch, sh, ch, sh

Once they are confident with AB, extent to ABC


tap knees, tap shoulders, tap head, knees, shoulders, head etc.


More complex pattern

Show children AB pattern and AAB pattern ask them to tell you what they notice.

What is the same and what is the different?



Provide children with objects from around the house and let them create more complex patterns.