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Playing number games

I count, you count    

can be applied numbers beyond 10.

Last man standing 

count round the circle form 1 – 20. The person who says 20 sits down and the count starts again form 1.


Encourage the children to represent numbers to 20 in different way. Keep 10s together.

Hand out cards showing pictorial representations and numerals 11 – 20. 

Arrange numbers and cards in order.

Can you see any patterns in the numbers?

Bingo 11 to 20

Children choose 4 pictorial representations from the cards above. You hold up numeral cards one by one. If the children have matching representation of the number they place a counter on their card. The first player to cover all their cards wins.


One more, one less

Use the cubes to build a teen number.

Ask the children to identify which number you have made and discuss what one more and one less would be.

Key questions

How many do I have?

Make the number which is one more than mine.

Make the number which is one less

If I make 12, can you make one more?