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Maths homework activities - log in home learning books or send a photo on Classdojo.

This is all based on our learning this half term.


1. Practise finding one more and one less of numbers under 20. 


2. Write numbers 1-20 in words. Practise reading numbers 1-20 in words. 


3. Solve addition and subtraction sentences to 10 in a mixed format. 


4. Make pairs of different objects and practise counting in 2s. 


5. Compare groups of objects around your house e.g. five pencils and 20 pasta pieces - five pencils is less that 20 pasta pieces. 20 pasta pieces is greater than 5 pencils. 


6. How far can you count? Try and count all the way to 50! 


7. Name and draw 2D shapes. 


8. Go on a shape hunt at home and find different 3D shapes. Include sphere, cube, cuboid, pyramid and cylinder.