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Today in Maths you are going to be using numicon to make number bonds to 20. 

Follow the slides on the PDF document before to help you with your worksheets. 
There is a practical activity using a numicon resource you can draw or use the - Printable numicon resource linked below. Otherwise you can use different objects you have in your house. Additionally there is a worksheet and some questions on the video link provided. 


You do not have to print out the worksheets instead you can log your work in your home learning book or a notebook and please send a picture on ClassDojo! Have fun!! cheeky

Number bonds song

A fun song about the addition combinations of 20. Buy Rocking Dan music videos from has ...

Here is a video to watch that explains how to find and make number bonds!
Log on to Maths Whizz by clicking the link below and do 30 minutes each day as part of your maths learning.