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Tuesday 5th January 2021
In today's lesson you will need to follow a link to the mymaths site. The login is gladstone and the password is yellow14. Scroll through the lesson, working through the practice questions on paper. Ask for help if you are stuck; you can ask a family member or email your teacher.
There is an example poster at the end of the lesson that you can use if you are stuck. You only need to send us your poster, not today's practice questions.

Wednesday 6th January 2021
Scroll through today's presentation, working through the example questions.

The questions are also on the presentation - answer a minumum of 8 questions. 


When you have finished your work, use the answers on the back page of the presentation to mark and make corrections.

Thursday 7th January 2021

Attached is today's maths lesson. There is a video presentation that you can watch of Ms Pigott teaching the maths lesson on Google classroom and there is also a pdf of the lesson slides that you can work through. The questions are on page 11 of the presentation and the answers to these questions are the only work you need to upload. 
Work through the practice questions and then answer a minimum of 8 questions. You can answer questions from different columns i.e. answer 4 amber questions and then answer 4 green questions when you feel more confident.
Please mark your work and make corrections. The answers are on the last page of the presentation.

Friday 8th January

Arithmetic test. You have 20 minutes to do the test. Then use the answer sheet to check your work and do any corrections.