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Monday 20th April

Welcome to Day 1


Here is a suggested timetable for today, however you can mix and match the order that you complete the tasks to suit you. So have your pencil and paper ready, find a peaceful and clear place to work and enjoy your day.  


Join Joe Wickes at 9am for a free, live workout. Or you can choose a past workout if you miss the 9am start. 


Guided Reading

-Access the Primary Shakespeare Company website. You may need to sign up initially. 

-Watch the Day 1 video introducing The Tempest

-Complete the quiz



-Complete the comprehension activity 

-Don't forget to read slowly (even out loud if it helps you)

-Read each question carefully and re-read the part of the text to which it relates.

-Think to yourself 'is this a retrieval question or an inference question'

-Write down your answers on a piece of paper or edit the document 

Maths: LO: I can calculate the perimeter and area of shapes

-Watch this video on calculating perimeters and this video on calculating areas.

-Complete the worksheet calculating the perimeter and area of each room

-Don't forget to show your working out


-Draw a self-portrait of yourself

-You will learn the skills later and will be able to compare this first drawing with your final drawing

-Look closely at the shape of your face, eyes, nose and ears and position them carefully. 

-Use a pencil and a plain piece of paper (no lines)


Extra Task: 

Spend 20 minutes on Maths Whizz (email Ms Gray if you need a FREE login)