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Music - week 1

This half term we are going to Reflect, Rewind and Replay music we have listened to this year!

Have a listen to the different songs this week and see what you remember: 


- Listen and appraise - A song before Sunrise by Frederick Delius. Research more about this song with an adult.

Questions: What sort of genre of music do you think this is? What instruments do you hear? How does the song change throughout? What do you like about the song? What do you dislike about the song? How does the song make you feel during different parts?

- Listen to the music extract from- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith. 

Questions: What is the tempo of the song (fast or slow)? How is this extract different from the first song you heard? Which song do you prefer and why? what instruments do you hear? Listen to one instrument in the song carefully. Can you clap, tap or sing the beat you hear by this instrument?


- Finally, practise and perform Hey You! by Joanne Mangona our song from our learning in autumn 1. 


Have fun and enjoy moving and dancing to the music you hear!

Frederick Delius - A Song Before Sunrise.mp3

Fresh Prince of Bel Air extract.mp3

Hey you! .mp3

This half term in PSHE our topic is 'changing me'. Here is the song 'New Day' for the half term which you can learn over coming weeks. Have a go at:

- Making actions for the song

- Rehearsing and performing the song to your household

- Performing the song with your family

Remember that learning a song takes time and practise. You will get better and better every week!

A New Day (Leading Voices).mp3

'Down by the bay' - Learn the song with Charlotte Law

In this teaching video you'll learn how to sing the song and create your own silly lyrics.