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Trust-wide reopening of schools from September

Dear Parents and Carers,
Trust-wide reopening of schools from September
Last week, the government announced that from September, it expects all schools to reopen to all pupils, so I am writing to you today to explain how we are responding to this as a Trust and what we are asking our schools to do to make this happen.
Many of you may be wondering why the government believes it is now safe for all children to return to school, after months of telling parents to keep children at home. The main reason is that as the number of coronavirus cases continues to fall, schools have a vital role to play in addressing the impact of the recent coronavirus lockdown on children, young people and their families – not just the educational impact, but social and economic impact, too.
To play our part in this recovery, we must make sure that all Anthem schools can welcome children back next term as safely and effectively as possible. This means looking at all the potential areas of risk and putting measures in place to manage those risks in line with the government advice. We have asked all our schools to carry out a revised risk assessment and develop a detailed back to school plan based on this risk assessment that meets the needs of their individual settings.
We know some of you will be very anxious about sending your child back to school in September. To provide you with as much information as possible, we will publish a copy of the risk assessment schools are following on the Trust website over the summer break, so you can see exactly what goes into your school’s approach to reopening. You will be ble to find it at We hope that this transparency will help you to feel confident about your child returning to school.
I would love to be able to say that we will be able to eliminate all risks but, of course, I cannot. Until a reliable vaccine is available, we must all learn to live with the presence of coronavirus and find ways to balance safety with the need to move forward with everyday life. This is what we are aiming to achieve across Anthem schools in the new academic year, so that the children and young people we serve can once again enjoy the experience of learning new things, the company of their friends and the care of their teachers.


Yours sincerely,

Andy Yarrow Chief Executive

Anthem Schools Trust