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We will be celebrating world book day on Thursday the 4th March whether your children are in school or not.

Your children can dress up as a favourite book character for the day or they can wear bedtime story clothing as they wish. It would be great if all the adults in the house could join in too!

Activities and work for the day will be set around celebrating books and authors.

Your child’s teacher may ask you do something called ‘drop everything and read’. This is where we use a signal for the children to stop whatever they are doing and pick up a book and read quietly for 10 minutes or so. This will happen several times over the course of the day.  

You too can take part in this - so please make sure that you all have a book, newspaper or magazine close by for when this happens.

Please remember to take lots of photos of the day including -

  • pictures of everyone in the home dressed up as their favourite character
  • pictures of everyone reading (make it more interesting by reading in unusual places!)
  • pictures of the children completing their activities

If you would like to record yourself talking about your favourite children’s book, please do so and send in to the class teacher.

We hope everyone has a really enjoyable day both in school and at home.

We look forward to seeing those photos and thank you for your cooperation.

Happy reading!