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Planet of Problems

Planet of Problems

Area M

This area of the planet is strictly out-of-bounds for anyone lacking determination and courage.

Problems found in this area can be solved using simple mental strategies.  Can you discover the simplest mental strategy to use?

Disclaimer:  People's brains have exploded attempting to solve these problems!


Area W

Venturing into Area W is strictly prohibited unless you are filled with tenacity and you are ready for immediate life-support.

Problems in this area of the planet will require the use of written methods.  Can you find the solution using the fewest number of steps?

Disclaimer:  After attempting to solve some of these problems, a few people were never the same again.

* Awaiting solution



You are the
Do you have the ?                         

Only see Mr Rossi if you...

  1. Have your completed written solution, AND
  2. Are ready to explain your solution to the citizens of the Planet of Problems.