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 Daily messages.22nd - 26th June 

Don't forget you can e-mail if you need support with anything. Mrs Shah, Ms Blake and Ms Metcalfe.

3S: Mrs Shah:

3B: Ms Blake:

3M: Ms Metcalfe:

Friday 26th June

The end of another week, thank you for all your hard work. We hope you have learned lots about the Windrush generation and the wonderful changes they brought to Britain. We should always remember that moving to a new country can provide lots of new opportunities but can also present a number of struggles. As a country we have benefited greatly from the diverse cultures that people from all over the world have brought with them. Our school value this half term is respect and cooperation and we should remember to respect the contribution of everyone to the world we live in. It has been a hot and sunny week, hopefully everyone has enjoyed being outside or finding some shade to cool off when it got a little too hot. Last weekend for the summer solstice at stonehenge it was cloudy but there have been lots of lovely sunsets this week. The stone age people would have been very impressed with their monument on these long summer days. Have a fabulous fun Friday and enjoy all the extra daylight to be out playing and keeping fit and healthy.


This weeks Maths Whizz most usage superstars are:

3S Zachary

3B Shaniya

3M Miriam

Bug Club

3S Mohammad (13), Zain (10), Ayuub (9),

3B Lily (11), Andreja (10), Jack (6),

3M Talha (33), Tiago (24), Malak (16), Natasha (14), Andreea (10), Adam A (10),

Congratulations and well done for all your hard work.

Thursday 25th June

Well done everyone who has been finding out about the Empire Windrush and thank you for the postcards you have sent, as if you were a passenger on the voyage. Keep them coming. The journey to a new country was a mixture of emotions; excitement about getting new jobs, curiosity about visiting a new place, also sadness at leaving some of their family behind. We have been focusing on celebrating the achievements of these intrepid adventurers who brought with them an explosion of dance, art, writing, music and food that changed British culture. Have you tried any of the recipes? Although the Windrush generation helped to rebuild Britain after the war and create the diverse country that we now live in, they did not have an easy time. They experienced a lot of racism. Things have improved, however, around the world there is still a lot of racism and you may have heard of huge groups of people who are determined to change this. A movement called Black Lives Matter would like all governments to make sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly. We live in the most diverse city in the world where we share lots of different cultures which makes this an amazing place to be. We should all try to make sure nobody experiences how the Windrush generation were treated.

Wednesday 24th June

We are continuing to think about the importance of the Empire Windrush and the Windrush generation. By now you should have discovered more about the boat people travelled on and why they made the voyage. Have you listened to some of the interviews of people who moved to this new country? There are some more on BBC Newsround, For some of the adults they travelled alone, leaving their whole family behind them. Most planned to find a job and then bring their family over to join them once they were settled. Some children missed their parents whilst they were in England working and then had to make the journey to join them. It was a hard time for families who couldn't all be together. The climate in the Caribbean is very different to England and many people found it to be cold and grey and wet when they arrived here. If you have had a go at the postcard activity in the Windrush folder we would love to see some of them.


Tuesday 23rd June

Yesterday was National Windrush day and your history work this week is focusing on this important date in history. What have you found out so far? Did you find out that the Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury Docks in Essex? It is not just the people that were on that boat that are called the Windrush generation, it is also their families and friends many of whom they left behind when they made that voyage to a new country. In fact anyone who arrived between 1948 and 1971 is called the Windrush generation. Britain posted an advert asking for people in the Caribbean to come and help get Britain back on its feet after the war. Many people came and helped in the NHS and in transport and many other jobs. The same jobs that are now on the frontline and we are celebrating and thanking for helping us during this pandemic. Let us know what else you have found out about the Windrush generation and their contribution to this country and their achievements.

Monday 22nd June

Happy Windrush day to you all. Today is National Windrush day. It was on this day 72 years ago, that several hundred people arrived from the Caribbean to start a new life in Britain. After the Second World War, many parts of the UK needed to be rebuilt.Caribbean people who had served in the British armed forces were encouraged to come to Britain to work. Some came specifically to find jobs, others wanted to travel overseas to experience life in a place they'd heard a lot about. Many of those who decided to move to Britain boarded a ship called the HMT Empire Windrush. The idea of this national day is to celebrate the many contributions the Caribbean community has made to British society. On board the Empire Windrush was Sam King, he went on to be the first black mayor of Southwark. Have a look in the Windrush folder and see what you can find out about this important date in history. Saturday was the summer solstice which is the day with the most hours of daylight in the year. Think about what you learned about Stonehenge and why it was built. There is lots to do this week the tasks are in the folder with the white snowdrop on it, week beginning 22nd June. Take care

Daily messages 15th -19th June 

Friday 19th June

It's the end of the week, thank you for continuing to work as hard as you can. Have a fabulous Friday. What a wonderful week for reading its been. Have a look at the class superstars below, who are really challenging themselves to read a magnificent amount of books. You are so impressive. This is what Alesha Dixon says about reading- “What I do remember from childhood – and really powerfully – is the feeling I got when I was reading, and still do. It’s pure escapism – it offers me a chance to dive into something completely, and let my imagination come alive.” Congratulations too, to all those who are completing the guided reading tasks, giving thoughtful answers about what you have read. As it's the last day of the week can you count up how many smiles you have collected this week by trying to make someone happy every day. Do you have someone at home that you can make feel really special this weekend? Try to finish off this week's tasks, they are in the folder with the yellow daffodil on it, week beginning 15th June. Take care

This weeks superstars are Maths whizz most usage 3S Zachary 3B Amber 3M Miriam

Bug Club

3S Mustafa (18), Kenny (8), Zain (8), Frank (7), Husnain (6), Ahmad (6)

3B Shaima (10), Leyla (5)

3M Hiba (29), Talha (19), Tiago (17), Natasha (15), Andreea (13), Adam A (10),

Congratulations and well done for all your hard work.

Thursday 18th June


Hello everyone. Thank you for all your hard work so far this week. We hope you have a tremendous Thursday. Just wondering how many of you have seen the beautiful green parakeets if you have been for a walk in Gladstone Park. If you haven't, next time you go keep your eyes open. They seem to like trees with holes in the trunk that they can hide in but lots of people try to take photos of them too when they are flying around. Perhaps it reminds you of a story you may have read in year one,-Mr Magnolia. Hopefully the ones in Gladstone Park aren't making holes in any suits! Does anyone remember the author? Keep up your wonderful reading- “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl Day 4 of the week and have you done something every day to make someone happy?

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning, We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. We have some very changeable weather at the moment and we might get a few showers, which is always an ideal opportunity to curl up with a good book. This is another great quote, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney We know it can be hard to keep motivated at home but we love seeing all the work you send us and the pictures of interesting things you are doing. Keep it up.   Well done to all those children who are practising times tables using Times Tables Rockstars. Why don't you try to log on when it was usually time for your ICT lesson and see if your friends can challenge you on any of the games. If not challenge yourself and see how many points you can score, you can use your rewards in the shop to change your avatar.  

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning, We hope you all have a great day. Well done to all those children who read a book on Bug Club yesterday, it is lovely to see so many children challenging themselves to read at least one book a day and answer all the questions. Don't forget to click on each bug as you go through the books. This is a great quote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss. We hope you enjoyed discovering the Maths Factor button on Bug Club. Let us know how you have found the times tables resources. Either type in the search box or click courses and select year 3, scroll down to find all the year 3 adventurer lessons including the times tables, you can find some great videos by Carol Vorderman and lessons to practise your times tables. You need to make sure you know your 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 8's and 10's before you go into year 4. Watch the video, do the warm up games and then practise, learning times tables can be fun. What did you do to make someone happy yesterday and can you do something different today?

Monday 15th June

Hello and welcome to the start of a new week, another magic Monday. We hope everyone is feeling OK and that the sunshine at the weekend put a smile on everyone's face. Some of you may have discovered that when you log in to Bug Club there are lots of new resources there, which have been added by the people who run Bug Club. If you are looking for some help in learning your times tables try clicking on Maths Factor. Then either type in the search box or click courses and select year 3, scroll down to find all the year 3 adventurer lessons including the times tables, you can find some great videos by Carol Vorderman and lessons to practise your times tables. You need to make sure you know your 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 8's and 10's before you go into year 4. Watch the video, do the warm up games and then practise, learning times tables can be fun. Enjoy. Why not try to do something to make someone in your family happy, every day this week.


Daily messages 8th -12th June

Friday 12th June

End of the week already, have a fantastic Friday. Thank you for all your hard work, keep it up. It has been lovely chatting to you this week and hearing what you are up to. It's great to hear how many children are helping out with some baking. Not only a great way to help parents/carers in the kitchen but lots of measuring, weighing and following the instructions. Possibly the best bit though- the results are delicious. We have really enjoyed hearing about your scrumptious, healthy treats. Try to remember what we learned in science about which foods are good for us and how they help our bodies stay strong. Can you tell your parents/ carers about the different food groups? Try to finish off this week's tasks. Take care

This weeks superstars are

Highest maths whizz usage: Zachary 3S, Jack 3B and Miriam 3M.

Bug club for last 1 week : 3S​ Frank(15), Mustafa(10) Kenny(10), Ayuub (7) and Tiffany (7)

3B: Shaniya (6) Anes (5), Ayah (4) and Jack (4)

3M: Talha(22), Tiago ( 12 ), Andreea (8) Natasha ( 7)

Congratulations and well done for all your hard work.

Thursday 11th June

Have a terrific Thursday. Thank you to all those children who have been giving work in on google classroom. It has been lovely to talk to some of you this week and talking to parents it seems that some of you have not been able to view the teachers comments on your work. Try to follow these instructions. When your work has been marked by your teacher and returned to you, you can view the teacher's comments by following these steps: - Click on the "Classwork" page and "View your work" at the top - Click on your submitted task and click on your document- if it is a Google doc, you should be able to see the teacher's comments - If it is a PDF, in the top right corner there are three dots. Click on them and click "Open in new window" - You should now be able to see any comments which your teacher has left on your work when it was marked. Keep up the great work. The weather is being a bit gloomy this week but we can always find plenty to do indoors and all the plants that you are growing will be very happy for an extra drop of rain. Don't forget to e-mail if you need support with anything or if you want to send us some work. Take care.

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning and welcome to a wonderful Wednesday. Congratulations to everyone who worked on MyMaths yesterday keep it up. If you finish your home learning tasks you can always play some of the games too.  Some children in Willesden may have had some power cuts yesterday. It is strange for us to think how much we are used to relying on our electricity without even thinking about it. Perhaps it made you wonder what life in the stone age would have been like without electricity and all the other modern things we have. I'm sure Ug would have loved to have lots of the things we have. Also it is a good opportunity to practise some things without our technology, reading books, writing out our times tables, drawing or playing shops.  

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning it's Tuesday, well done to everyone who read a book yesterday. Keep adding to your points on Bug Club. How many children have noticed all the extra animals and birds that have been around at the moment? Look out of the window and count how many birds you can see. Then try and work out how many legs they had in total (hint- think of doubles).  Keep working on this week's tasks, they are in the folder with the pink lily on it, week beginning 8th June. I hope you are all enjoying the maths activities. Subtraction this week and money next week, why not try to help count out the coins for the shopping or play your own game of shops at home. Have fun.

Monday 8th June

Hello everyone, hope you had a good weekend, it's the start to another week and there is lots for you to do. All of you who have planted seeds in your garden will be glad they got a little rain this weekend , even though it's not so much fun for us, the plants love it. Please make sure you are reading lots on Bug club, try to do a book a day if you can. There was some great guided reading handed in last week please keep it up. We are revising lots of the maths topics we have done this year. Log in to My maths and check the home learning or play some of the games. If you have a maths whizz account try to use it for half an hour a day if you can to really boost your maths skills.