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This week we will talk about never give up.

First listen to the relaxing music for at least 5min and take a big deep breath in through your nose and puff out your rainbow breath through your mouth and feel calm and peaceful. 


Relaxing Music For Children - Childhood Memories (Hayfield)

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  • ask children to think of something they have done that they found tricky to start with but with practice and never giving up they managed to do it.
  • provide a couple of examples like learning to walk, riding a bike.
  • promote discussion at home where parents/grown-ups talk about what they have done and how they did not give up until they achieved their goals



Questions: What have you found tricky to do? How did you manage to do it?




People who help us

There are lots of jobs that people do that help us.


Talk about how people who do these jobs help us:



Fire fighter

Bus driver




see power point below