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This half term our learning is on Healthy me.

We will talk about our bodies, how to keep them healthy and fit.


Let’s start with morning yoga with Moovlee

Morning yoga routine for kids

The aim of this morning yoga routine is to help is to help children start their day feeling calm and energised. It incorporates full body movements, stretche...

Talk to your child how important is to exercise to keep our body healthy.

Look at the pictures of different sports below.


Talk about the changes to your body when your exercise.


Do a quick experiment:

  • Jump up and down several times, what changes have happened?
  • How do you breathe faster/slower?
  • Can you feel your heart?




What is your favourite sports, exercises outside the school e.g. riding a bike, swimming, dancing etc.

  • Draw your favourite sport/activity and write what you like to do.

e.g. I like to swim.

Here are some sports colouring pages