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PSHE Jigsaw - Week 5


Topic: Changing me - Please remember that this topic may be sensitive for some children. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning:


To understand that every time i learn something new i change a bit.

To enjoy learning new things.


Special vocabulary:

Learn, new, grow, change 



  • Jigsaw charter (below)
  • Calm me script (below)
  • Chime/two metal spoons
  • Picture cards (below) 
  • Flower shape and petals (below)
  • Flower templates (below)


Learning - PLAN

1. Remind your child that Jigsaw is their PSHE learning at school and go through the Jigsaw Charter below.


2. Sing or listen to the Jigsaw song "A New Day" After the song encourage children to talk about some changes that have already happened in their lives. Reinforce that change is part of growing up and to be expected.


3. Calm me time - Your child is familiar with this from our normal lessons. Remind your child that this helps our minds and bodies to calm down so we are ready to learn. Follow the calm me script below. Instead of a chime you can hit 2 metal spoons together.


5. Main activity 1: Share the picture cards with the children: Baby lying down, a baby crawling, a toddler walking, a five-year old running, a ten-year old skipping. Ask the children to place the picture cards in sequence. 

Reinforce the learning that as we physically grow, we also learn to do more things. 

Main activity 2: 

Draw the stem and centre of a flower on a piece of paper with child. Add one petal and stick the first picture (baby) into it.

Draw the second petal and ask the children which picture should go in next (baby crawling).

Continue until the flower is complete, helping children to understand that every time we learn something new, we add a little bit onto ourselves, like adding a petal to a flower.

Take the pictures off the flower and go through the process again this time asking children things they have learnt that may have changed them a little bit.

Independent activity: 

Children to use the flower template and use information from discussion to add to each petal, e.g. learnt to talk, learnt to share toys, learnt to ride a bike. Draw out the learning that however old we are, as we learn things, we grow a little bit.


6. Ask them to give you a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle or thumbs down to show how their learning has gone. You can do this in other lessons too.

A New Day (Leading Voices).mps

Picture 1
Picture 1