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PSHE Jigsaw - Week 2


Topic: Dreams and Goals 

What your child will know by the end of their learning:

I can set set a goal and work out how to achieve it. 

I can tell you how i learn best. 

Special vocabulary:

goal, learning, stepping stones, process, garden, dreams 



  • Jigsaw charter (below)
  • Calm me script (below)
  • Jigsaw song: 'For me'

Learning - PLAN

1. Remind your child that Jigsaw is their PSHE learning at school and go through the Jigsaw Charter below.


2. Calm me time - Your child is familiar with this from our normal lessons. Remind your child that this helps our minds and bodies to calm down so we are ready to learn. Follow the calm me script below. Instead of a chime you can hit 2 metal spoons together.


3. Sing or listen to the Jigsaw song: 'For me'. Ask the children what they think this song means.


5. Present your child with four pieces of paper like stepping stones across the centre of your room and a tray with all the items needed to make a jam sandwich at the end of the line of the stepping stone. Explain to your child that the goal today is to make a jam sandwich and the pieces of paper on the floor are like stepping stones. Each one is a step towards the goal. Explain to your child that a sandwich doesn't suddenly appear, it has to be made, and making it is a step by step process. Make this a visual explanation by stepping from one piece of paper to the next but without giving the actual instructions. 


6. Ask your child to think what do they think the four steps are for making the jam sandwich. Ask them to share the four steps with you. 


7. Model each step by following the children's instructions exactly and stepping on the "stones" in turn. Make the sandwich according to their instructions. 


NOTE: Follow your child's instructions even if they are in the wrong order to illustrate the important of thinking carefully about the steps needed and their order. 


If the child gets this wrong, ask them to have another go. 


Explain to your child that we often learn by listening/watching/ doing and maybe a mix of all three. 


Main activity: Children to follow your instructions to make a jam sandwich.


Give your child a 4 step instruction on how to make a jam sandwich and see if they can follow this to reach the end goal. 

Take step by step photos and send to class teachers.


8. Ask them to give you a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle or thumbs down to show how their learning has gone. 


For Me (Leading Voices).mp3