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PSHE Jigsaw - Week 3


Topic: Dreams and Goals 

What your child will know by the end of their learning:

I can work well with my partner 

I can celebrate achievement with my partner. 

Special vocabulary:

Working together, team work, achievement, celebrate.



  • Jigsaw charter (below)
  • Calm me script (below)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Stick/straw
  • Pot/container

Learning - PLAN

1. Remind your child that Jigsaw is their PSHE learning at school and go through the Jigsaw Charter below. Reinforce how we work together.


2. Calm me time - Your child is familiar with this from our normal lessons. Remind your child that this helps our minds and bodies to calm down so we are ready to learn. Follow the calm me script below. Instead of a chime you can hit 2 metal spoons together.


3. Mirroring activity – stand in a space opposite your child. Let them know that one is the leader and the other is the mirror. Together place your hands together. The leader moves their hands and the mirror’s hands, still touching so they do exactly the same movements. After this first step, move palms away leaving a space between the palms and repeat the activity. The mirror has to follow the leader’s palms with theirs. Then change the roles with the leader becoming the mirror and repeat the activity.


4. Take a moment to think of a goal that you and your child (or someone else perhaps a sibling) would like to work on.

Give children examples and ask them if the partners are working well together e.g. partners who are arguing, not listening to each other and sharing. Are these partners working well together?

How about partners who are taking turns and sharing equipment?


5. Main activity: Together design a ‘welly’ showing one goal that you both want to achieve, e.g., to cook together or to listen to each other read. This will highlight to the children the need to work well with a partner.


- With your child set the goal of designing a welly, illustrating your shared goal together. You both need to agree how to design the welly and how you both go about the task (e.g. who does what, the materials you use etc) Below is a welly template for you to use.

- Explain to your child that the wellies are to form part of “Our Garden of Dreams and Goals” and can be used as decoration and displayed as part of the overall garden.

6. Cut out the wellies and stick it onto a stick/straw. Place the welly into a pot/box/container. Creating a little garden. Find a place somewhere at home where you can display this – perhaps somewhere next to your child’s treasure box they made in the first lesson.)


7. Reflect with your child:

- One thing that was difficult about working with their partner

-One thing you both did which helped achieved the goal…