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PSHE Jigsaw school closure plan – week 1

Topic: relationships – Please remember this may be a sensitive topic for some children. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning:

  • Identify the members of my family and understand that there are lots of different types of families.
  • Know how it feels to belong to a family and care about the people who are important to me.


Special vocabulary:

Family, belong, same, different



  • Family game cards
  • Jigsaw charter (below)
  • Calm me script (below)
  • Welcome to Planet Zarg PowerPoint (images at the bottom if you cannot access PowerPoint.)
  • Home learning book/paper
  • Pencil and colours


Learning - PLAN

Questions to ask

1. Remind your child that Jigsaw is their PSHE learning at school and go through the Jigsaw Charter below.



2. Play ‘ the family game’. Print out family game cards or draw 4 dogs, 4 lions, 4 ducks etc. Mix all the cards around and get your child to the animals in their families e.g. a family of dogs. When they have found each family, put the families in circles so the animals in each family are ‘holding hands’. Pretend to be each family and say together ‘We are a family of _____’.



3. Calm me time - Your child is familiar with this from our normal lessons. Remind your child that this helps our minds and bodies to calm down so we are ready to learn. Follow the calm me script below. Instead of a chime you can hit 2 metal spoons together.


4. Introduce yourself e.g. I’m mummy and someone in my family is my daughter. Get your child to introduce themselves too.



5. Go through the PowerPoint together (images are on the class page too). Reinforce that there are all sorts of different types of families and it is perfectly normal to have a different family from other people. Ask why we have families and draw out that they are there to love and protect us.



6. Independent activity: Ask who is in our family. Get your child to draw and label l a picture of their family on paper/home learning books. Remind them that every family is different and no one family situation is seen as a ‘norm’.



7. Ask them to give you a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle or thumbs down to show how their learning has gone. You can do this in other lessons too J

Can you remember any fun things you did during Jigsaw lessons?


What noise does a ______ make?


What makes a family?




What is calm me time? Can you explain how to do it?




Are all families the same?




What is a family?

Can some people be part of your family and not live in the same home as you?



When you think about the word family, does this also mean your pets?

How does it feel to be part of a family?


Who are the members of your family?

How do you feel in your family home/homes?



Picture 1
Picture 2

Welcome to planet Zarg story (if you cannot access the Powerpoint)