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PSHE Jigsaw - Week 3


Topic: Changing me - Please remember that this topic may be sensitive for some children. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning:

Know that my body has changed since I was a baby, 

Understand that growing up is natural and that everybody grows at different rates. 


Special vocabulary:

baby, growing up, adult, mature, change



  • Jigsaw charter (below)
  • Calm me script (below)
  • Two spoons/chime
  • baby photo of adult (you can always use a baby photo from google and compare it to a grown up)
  • baby photos of your child
  • mirror


Learning - PLAN

1. Remind your child that Jigsaw is their PSHE learning at school and go through the Jigsaw Charter below.


2. Play Simon Says and focus on the different body parts. E.g. Simon says... touch your knees. Remember if you don't call out Simon says then your child should not move. Some suggested actions: nod your head, rub your tummy, point to your belly button, shake your hips, wiggle your nose, roll your eyes, stand on one leg, blink.


3. Calm me time - Your child is familiar with this from our normal lessons. Remind your child that this helps our minds and bodies to calm down so we are ready to learn. Follow the calm me script below. Instead of a chime you can hit 2 metal spoons together.


4. Sing and listen to the lyrics of the PSHE song this half term 'A New Day'. Ask what this teaches us about change and growing up. 


5. Main activity 1: Look carefully at the baby photo of the adult (mum, dad, carer, grandparent etc). Can your child guess who this is? Let them know who it is and then discuss how the person in the photo has changed from then to now. What has stayed the same?


6. Main activity 2: Look carefully together at the baby photo of your child. If possible, ask your child to also look in the mirror to help them see the changes between them as a baby and them now. Explain to your child that our bodies change over time but other things change too e.g. abilities, personalities etc. It is important for them to know that changes happen both on the inside and outside of them. 

Stick the baby photo onto paper or ask your child to draw a baby picture of themselves. Ask your child to write some of the ways they have changed since they were a baby. 


7. Ask them to give you a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle or thumbs down to show how their learning has gone. You can do this in other lessons too.

Learning resources

A New Day (Leading Voices).mp3