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R.E. (Religious Education)

Today in R.E. you are going to continue to look at what makes our world wonderful, especially nature. 

L.O: I can say how different people give thanks for the food they eat.   

You will be looking at 3 different religions and how they show gratitude for the food they eat.


Follow the slides on the PDF document before to help you.


Please remember that we tolerate and show respect to all faiths.



Today you will create a thank you card to show your gratitude for the food you have/eat. 

Please choose one from the following below:

  1. You can draw pictures of a family at a table with their meal.
  2. You can write the Jewish/Christian/Muslim prayer on the card.
  3. You can make up your own short prayer/ sentences of how you would show gratitude for the food you eat. 


Log your work in your home learning book or a notebook and please send a picture on ClassDojo. 

Resources for learning

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world.Subscribe

Blessing Before Eating Bread

An example video of Jews saying a prayer before eating bread.

Grace before meals

Christians saying a prayer before their meal.