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Reception starting 2021 - 2022



See below for FAQs

Q: Do you have a breakfast club?

A: Yes, it starts at 8am.  You will need to register your child with the school office.  It costs £1 per day, payments via parent pay


Q: Do you have an after-school club?

A: Yes.  It runs from your child’s finish time until 5.45pm.  It is not run by the school, but it is on the school site and children are collected from their classes.


Q: Does my child need to be toilet trained?

A: We strongly advise that your child is toilet trained, but where there are particular circumstances where your child needs changing, school can accommodate.


Q: What are the school dinners like?

A: Children get a balanced hot school meal (which they eat in their classes during the current situation) and all the meat is halal. Children can bring in their own packed lunch if you prefer.


Q: Do I need to provide my child with a snack?

A: No, we provide children with fruit in the mornings and milk in the afternoon.  We do not allow sweets, biscuits, chocolate etc. during the day.  Each child should bring their own water bottle.


Q: Do Reception children get homework?

A: We expect children to read at home daily. We also send a weekly assignment, which recaps on the learning they have been doing in class that week.


Q: What do you do to extend more able children?

A: We try to support all children in meeting their potential. We have extension activities for all our tasks.  We differentiate in our planning and focus tasks so that learning is a challenge for all children. We divide them into groups for phonics so that all children make maximum progress.

Q: How can I share books if I don’t speak English fluently?

A: You can support your child by talking about the books in your home language.  Talk about the pictures, what you think might happen next, characters and settings of the story.  Also read books to your child in your own language.


Q: How often do children go outside?

A: During most of the day we have ‘free flow’ which means our classrooms are extended to include an outdoor area.  We also have regular free-play outdoors in the morning and after lunch and weekly structured PE lessons.


Q- How will school communicate with parents?

Our school is a paperless school as much as possible so all communication with parents will be via email or telephone.


If you have any questions or questions please  email them to :