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School-closure Pack

Aim to do at least one of the above every day!

Dos and Don’ts



  • Help your child to cope with stress involving the Coronavirus outbreak. See the World Health Organisation’s help sheet regarding this.
  • Be fair in how you share your time with your family.  Your younger child needs time with you as well as your older child.
  • Give your children the message they are important by the amount of time you spend with them.  Even if you are working at home, try to spend some time with your child every day.  If you don’t have time for them now, when they are teenagers they may not have time for you.
  • Talk to them – in any language – children need to learn the art of conversation.  They can’t learn this from being on an iPad.
  • Help them only enough so that they can manage to do something on their own (whether it dressing themselves or brushing their teeth).
  • Use the holidays to teach your children the realities of life.  Life is not all play.  Show them life is about a balance.  They need to help with things that need doing around the house as well as play.
  • Keep up a regular routine: get up in the morning, have a time for reading, writing activities, counting, doing exercise, etc.  Do not go to bed too late.  Your four or five year old child will still require 10-13 hours sleep a night.
  • Use things like iPad and Netflix as a reward for helping out or after they finish their learning.
  • Give them regular and genuine/honest praise for the efforts they make.  For example, if they cleaned their room and it looks good, say, “This room looks quite tidy.  Good effort / well done” rather than, “You are the good boy/girl” or flatter them with “You are the best kid in the world.”  Even if they fail, you can still praise them by saying “Well done” for the effort / for trying / for having a go.  Next time, they will make the effort again.
  • Get enough exercise even if you are stuck inside all day…
    • Use a YouTube video to help (see PE section of Songs to Sing Daily)
    • See Things to Do Together for ideas too



  • Don’t do for them what they can do for themselves.
  • Don’t do all the tidying up after them.  Teach them to do it themselves (for a reward).  Tidy up together to begin with – they will need to learn how to do from you.  Talk to them as you do it, for example…

“Use both hands to put the blocks away – it is quicker”

“This goes in the recycle bin…”

“We need to find a place for this… “

“We can’t leave this on the floor – it’s too big for the vacuum cleaner to pick up”

As they learn to tidy up, you can do less helping, and eventually they will be able to all or most of it by themselves.

  • Don’t let them spend too long on the computer/iPad etc.  It is recommended that 2-5 year olds should have a maximum of 1 hour screen time per day (American Academy of Pediatrics).
  • Don’t let them go on the Internet unsupervised – remember e-safety.
  • Don’t let your child play games that are not suitable for their age.