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Science week 3

This half term, we are continuing our learning on animals. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

To describe the needs of a pet. 


Special vocabulary:

suitable, pet, domestic, wild, food, space, shelter, medicine, water, care, responsibility (our school value this half term)



  • animal teeth images
  • online resources - links in activities below
  • videos and espresso activity (username:student21101 password:school)
  • Challenge sheet


Activity 1: What do pets need?

Watch the videos to learn about pets!


Activity 2: Sorting animals into two groups 

Think of 10 different animals you have learnt so far. You can always go back and have a look at previous weeks.

Sort the animals into two groups - suitable for a pet, not suitable for a pet. 

Discuss why the animals are sorted in this way. Explain that some animals are suitable as keeping as pets and some are not. Animals that are not pets are known as wild. 


Activity 3: Pet detective

Imagine you have a new pet. Describe it using the Pet Detective worksheet for guidance and draw your pet. 



Do you think an elephant would be a good pet?

Do some research to find out why 

Picture 1