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Science week 4

This half term, we are continuing our learning on animals. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

To describe an animal using scientific words 


Special vocabulary:

scientific, describe, Fish: gills, fins, scales, Birds: beaks, wings, claws, feathers

Include any other animals your child may find interesting



  • bird and fish images
  • Books on espresso (username:student21101 password:school)



Activity 1: Identifying animal parts

Explain that we/humans have hands and feet, but we use different words when we describe animals. For example cats have paws. Show the picture of a fish. Get your child to label the parts they know and then teach the new special vocabulary - gills, fins, scales.

Do the same with the bird picture. 


Activity 2: Birds and fish on espresso

Follow the links below and read more about birds and fish. Your child can add more details to the pictures of the bird and fish from activity 1 as they go.

Bird book -

Fish book -


Activity 3: Creating an animal fact file! 

Do some research about an animal that you find interesting. Create a fact file including at least five facts about the animal. Include pictures and a diagram with labelled body parts. Be as creative as you like! 



Share your research with a friend - you could email or take a photo to show a friend in your class or someone in your family.


Learning resources - bird and fish image