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Science week 3

We are continuing our learning about plants


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

To label the basic parts of a tree and describe different trees.


Special vocabulary:

roots, branches, leaves, crown, trunk, tree, evergreen, deciduous 



  • Trees video links
  • Espresso links (username: student21101    password: school
  • Tree labelling activity sheet


Activity 1: What are trees?

Watch the videos and read the book (on Espresso) below to learn about trees.


Activity 2: Let's go on a tree hunt

If you are able to, visit a local park with your responsible adult and look carefully at the different trees around you. Collect some leaves to bring back home to observe further.

How do the trees look? How did they feel? Why do some trees look different to others? Can you name some of the trees you saw? Which trees are evergreen and which are deciduous?

Challenge: Write about a tree you saw and describe it in detail. 


Activity 3: Labelling the parts of a tree

Label the parts of a tree using the tree template below.




Picture 1