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Science week 5


We are continuing our learning about plants.

We are continuing our plant diary which we will also be using for the next few weeks. You can either print out the template for each week or create your own using the template as an idea. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

To know to functions of different parts of a plant.


Special vocabulary:

roots, stem, leaves, flower, photosynthesis



  • Links below 
  • Espresso links (username: student21101; password: school)
  • Plant diary


Activity 1: Parts of a plant

Try to remember all the different parts of a plant and then read the fact file and watch the videos to see if you missed any of them out. Read/listen about what each part of the plant does, e.g. the roots carry water to the stem and make notes.


Activity 2: Different flowers

Different plants have different flowers. This week go to your local park and see how many different flowers you can spot. What size are they, shape, colour? Why do you think there are many different types of flowers? Why do plants need flowers?



Activity 3: Continue your plant diary.


This week:

- Fill out the second page of the plant diary saying what you can see so far and draw a picture of what you see. Label your picture. 



Plant diary resource

Plant pot to observe if you are not planting your own seed