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Make a shaker

see the video below

Still image for this video
  • A shaker is an instrument that you play by shaking it. 
  • It is made of a hard hollow case filled with small hard objects. 
  • When you shake it the hard objects move around a bang on the sides of the case and each other.  This makes the noise that you can hear.


Make you own shaker by getting a pot with a lid. 

  • Put some small, hard things (rice, lentils, pebbles, paper clips) inside and give it a shake. 
  • Experiment with different things inside you shaker. Which thing makes the best sound? 
  • Put different amounts of things inside. Is it best if it is really full?...half full?... nearly empty?
  • Try different size pots.  Does the size of the pot make a difference?


When you have made your best sounding shaker you can use it to play along to your favourite songs!


Classifying Instruments


Classifying means arranging similar things into groups. 

We can classify instruments according to how you play them.

When you play an instrument you make the sound come out of it.



Different instruments are played in different ways.                                                                       

  • Some you strum (like a guitar.)   These are called string instruments.                                        
  • Some you hit (like a drum.) These are called percussion instruments.                                                                                                                      
  • Some you blow (like a trumpet.) These are called wind instruments.


Look at the instruments below and decide which group they belong to according to how you play them.  Do you HIT them? Or do you BLOW them?