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Science week 1 

This half term, we are continuing our learning on animals. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

I will be able to group animals according to their features.


Special vocabulary:

sorting, grouping, features, legs, tails, wings, fur, underwater, air, mammal, amphibian.



  • animal cards
  • mammal and amphibian fact file
  • videos and espresso activity (username:student21101 password:school)



Activity 1: sorting animals in different ways

Show your child the different animal cards. They have seen these animals in school so should recognise many of them. 

Explain that we can group animals by their features. For example we can group the animals that have legs and the animals that don't have legs.

Ask your child to group the animals in different ways e.g. wings, tails, furry animals, scaly animals.


Activity 2: sorting animals like a scientist!

Explain that scientists use special groups/categories to sort animals. 

Explain two different groups- mammals and amphibians. Use the fact file sheet and video links to help explain the two different groups. 

Mammals - are warm blooded animals that give birth to live young.

Amphibians - are cold blooded animals that live in water and also on land. They lay eggs under water.

Using the animal cards, ask your child to find the mammals and amphibians and put them into two separate groups. 

Ask: how are mammals different from amphibians? Which type of animal do you think is stronger/better in water/better on land?


Activity 3: Sorting mammals, fish and birds

Online espresso sorting activity. Follow the link:


Learning resources - if you cannot access documents