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Science week 2 

This half term, we are continuing our learning on animals. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning this week: 

I will be able to group animals according to what they eat. 


Special vocabulary:

teeth (incisors, canine, molars), sharp, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, diet



  • animal teeth images
  • online resources - links in activities below
  • videos and espresso activity (username:student21101 password:school)
  • Challenge sheet



Activity 1: animal teeth

Show your child the images of different animal teeth. 

Discuss what each animal might eat.

Explain to your child that we are animals too - we are a type of mammal. Get a mirror, and have a look at your teeth. Why do you think we have strong teeth? - explain that most humans are omnivores which means we eat meat and plants. Some humans do not eat meat because of their personal or religious beliefs. We call them vegetarian. 


Activity 2: Discovering herbivores and carnivores

Use this espresso resource to learn about the differences in animal diets. 

Username: student21101  password: school

Can you remember an animal that is a herbivore/omnivore?


Activity 3: Animal diet games

Online espresso sorting activity. Follow the link:

Animal diet game. Follow the link:



Can you draw a herbivore and carnivore and write down what they like to eat. 

Use the template sheet below or do this in your home learning book.