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Summer Holiday activities and fun

Hi everyone and happy summer holidays!

To keep you busy of the next 6 weeks we have added some activities for you in the folders below. 

This is completely optional and can be done as and when you want. 

Please do not send us any of your summer learning as we will be having a little break ourselves. We hope you understand!

Have a lovely and restful summer break. 


Miss Marcis, Miss Vo & Mrs Stuja xxx



More general things you can do: 


  • Write a diary over the summer holidays. You could even bring this to your new teacher in September!
  • Create a countdown calendar and cross off each day until you start Year 2
  • Read a book on Bugclub each day
  • Log on to Espresso and try some activities from the year 1 section. Username- student21101 password-school
  • Continue with MathsWhizz
  • Go onto MyMaths and Maths Factor 
  • Learn a new recipe with your family each week
  • Write to a friend each week. You could take a photo and send your friend your letter if your grown up lets you
  • Enjoy the outdoors and visit the park if you can
  • Learn a new skill! This could be tying your shoe laces, learning to ride a bike, braiding hair, learning how to skip etc