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Thursday 23rd April

Welcome to Day 4!


Don't forget we will be announcing MyMaths, Maths Whizz and BugClub winners tomorrow afternoon. So if you haven't logged in this week- make sure you do!




-Watch both videos below to learn about the main characters you will be meeting in The Tempest

-Don't forget to perform with vigour!

Warm Up

Still image for this video

Full dance

Still image for this video


-Access the Primary Shakespeare Company website. You may need to sign up initially. 

-Re-watch the first video making sure you make a note of all the main characters that are mentioned

-Start to fill in the character profile document as best you can (you can keep coming back to this document as we listen to more of the story)


- We know how much you have been missing doing some arithmetic practise! 
​​​​​​​-Don't forget to show your working out 

​​​​​​​-The answers are at the end of the document so you or someone in your house can mark when you're done. 


-Login to Espresso using the following details: username: student21101 password: school
-Click the second box 'Discovery Education Coding' 

-Explore the Year 5 Starter Unit and create your own games to remind yourself how to use the program


Extra Task

Use your knowledge of The Tempest to complete the crossword

Brain Buster 

Here are some examples of demands that we set yesterday (from Sami)


No! We don’t want to get eaten!

Hands off!

Stop bothering us! 

We think you are eating too much! 

Honestly, did you look at the mirror? 

Leave us alone and go for a run instead!  

Let us chill…literally!