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Thursday 30th April

Guided Reading

-Log into BugClub and spend 20 minutes reading and answering the questions. 

-If you need your BugClub password please email your teacher. 

-Don't forget we announce top users of the online programs every Friday afternoon! 


SPAG- Expanded noun phrases

-An expanded noun phrase is a phrase made up of a noun and at least one adjective. 

Noun: sea
Noun phrase: The sea
Expanded noun phrase: The stormy sea


-Watch this video to explain further and there is a quiz 

-Create your own expanded noun phrases follow the worksheet below.  

Maths: Squares and Primes

-Head online to remind yourself what a square number and a prime number is

-Complete the worksheet attached. 

-Don't forget to also log in to MyMaths to complete any outstanding tasks. 

History: LO: I can write a diary entry describing 16th century London

-Explore this website to find out what life was like in the Tudor times. 

-Do some extra research of your own if you need to,.  

-Create a leaflet or information sheet to let somebody know what they would experience  if they visit a Tudor town.

- Make is a persuasive (or honest) as possible! Using a range of persuasive techniques and vocabulary. 

- You include sections on:

  • Tudor Food
  • Tudor buildings
  • Rich and poor
  • Tudor entertainment 

-Think back to leaflets you have produced in the past- normally the information is presented as a mixture of headings, subheadings,bullet points, small paragraphs, top facts, pictures/diagrams. 

Extra Task


Brain Booster: Give three absolutely ridiculous, laughably false explanations for the sky being blue.