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LO: I can use adjectives to describe a setting.

Listen to  the part of ‘Grace and Family’ that focuses on the market

5.15 to the end (Next day -> No-one was in a hurry).



Why did Grace think it was more exciting to shop in Gambia than back home? (outside, the way people carried their shopping, different currency, extremely colourful “like a rainbow,”)


Look at the photograph of a real Gambian market and talk about its features.


Watch a videoclip of a real Gambian market.

What ambitious vocabulary can we use to describe the market? (link to senses) record comments (Starting at 1:45-3:15)


Using our 5 senses let’s describe the Gambian market

What can you see? Hear? Smell? Touch? Taste?


Using our senses, think about:

1. How are the people there dressed?

2. What are they wearing?

3. What might they be selling?

4. How are they carrying their food?


word bank

lively, hot, bustling, bright fabrics, noisy, busy, chatting, papaya, green bananas, succulent mangoes, spicy chicken etc


Independent activity 

Using the picture above use 5 senses to describe the market. 


To be a good learner

I have…


…identified features of a market place


…used my 5 senses to help describe a setting


…used a range of adjectives to describe a setting