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Tuesday 21st April

Welcome to Day 2


Hope you enjoyed your first day back at term- well done to all of you who completed yesterday's work. Here is your suggested timetable for today: 


Join Joe Wickes at 9am for a free, live workout! Or you can choose a past workout if you miss the 9am start. 


English: LO: To write a spell/potion linked to Shakespeare

-Open up the example spell below and have a read (there is also a lesson plan if you need more guidance)

-Open up the template or design your own spell layout on paper

-Think about what your own spell would do and what ingredients you will use- the more unusual the better!

-Create your own set of spell instructions ensuring you include imperative 'bossy' verbs and adverbs e.g. carefully slice.... rapidly stir

-Add a diagram and caption

 Challenge yourself to include rhyme e.g. Add a tongue of dog and 100g of smoky fog

Maths LO: To read Roman numerals to 1000 and recognise years

-Watch this video to remind yourself of the basics 

-Open up the document below for more help

-At the bottom of the document is an answer sheet- record your answers and find out some sizzling Shakespeare facts as you work!


Science LO: To recognise different forces 

-Watch this video, read the information and complete the quiz at the end

-Get to know the key vocabulary below and research the definitions to create your own glossary. This with help you to understand the exciting lessons in future weeks!

Extra Task

Spend 20 minutes on BugClub or find a quiet corner and read your own choice book.