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Tuesday 28th April

Guided Reading

-Log into BugClub and spend 20 minutes reading and answering the questions.

-If you need your BugClub password please email your teacher. 

-Don't forget we announce top users of the online programs every Friday afternoon! 


English. LO: I can write a poem

-Act 1 of the Tempest opens with thunder and lightning, a storm at sea and a ship in danger

-Look at the two paintings below. Think about what your could see, hear, smell, feel if you were there

-Like we sometimes do in class, create a mind map of powerful vocabulary, phrases, personification that come to mind

-Now listen to this piece of music: How does it make you feel? How would the sailors have felt? Add vocabulary to your mindmaps.

-Read the example piece of poetry

-Create your own poem. You can follow the same structure if you wish (3 verses of 5 lines)


A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas by Joseph Vernet. View larger here

Miranda-The Tempest by Joh William Waterhouse

Extension Can you turn any of your vocabulary into similes or metaphors to include in your poem? 


Metaphor: is a word or a phrase used to describe something as if it were something else: "A wave of terror washed over him." The terror isn't actually a wave, but a wave is a good way of describing the feeling.

Simile: describes something by comparing it to something else, using like or as: The thunder claps as loud as a firing gun

Maths: LO: I can read and work our negative numbers on a number line 

-Head to BBC Bitesize and watch the videos, read the information and complete the short quizzes

-Complete the worksheet below 

French: Nourriture et boisson

-Watch the short video all about food and drink

-Don't forget to pause the video to practise your pronunciation  


Extra Task

Brain Booster: Some people still believe that the earth is flat! Whether or not you agree with this theory, come up with as much evidence as you can to support it.