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Today you are going to plan a letter to  your new year four teacher.. 

Remember today you are planning so write down any information you want to include in the letter as bullet points in words and short sentence form.Your letter will have three paragraphs


Start with Dear...........................................(leave blank until Thursday when you will find out who your year four teacher will be)


Say why you are writing: I am writing to you to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself. 


Paragraph 1:  include your full name, date of birth, siblings, which country your family come from and  a short description about your appearance. 


Paragraph 2: include your likes and what you are good at at school and out of school (clubs and hobbies). Tell your teacher what you are good at and what you would like to work on and get better at in year four. 


Paragraph 3: What you are looking forward to in year four and when you go back to school. Include any questions to your new teacher too.  


Sign off your letter.