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Added 28 April 2020

Adventures with Oscar - The Canal

Ray made this video with his little boy Oscar.  They did their exercise yesterday by riding their bikes along the canal close to their house.


1. Before watching, ask your child:  What animals and other things do you think you might see along the canal?

2. Watch the video (You can also find it by searching YouTube "Adventures with Oscar")

3. Discuss what animals and types of boats Oscar saw.  Be sure you watch it all the way to the end!!  (There are funny bits at the end.)


Added 31 March 2020

The Race – Who is first, second and third?

Get your child to decide who is first, second and third.  This will practise their ordinal numbers.


What can help us remember ordinal numbers?

Oscar explains a simple rhyme to help us remember first, second, third.