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Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Geography Project: Earthquakes and Volcanoes. 


Your Task:

Write a newspaper report or a radio scipt reporting on a volcanic eruption or an earthquake.


You can choose any active volcano or earthquake zone that you know and create a report that reflects your knowledge. SAt the bottom of this page you will find some information packs to jog your memory. 


You must:

  • Explain what a volcano or earthquake is
  • Describe why it has happened in a particular place (e.g. ring of fire, tectonic plate boundaries)
  • Recount the devestation caused 
  • Evaluate the response and preparation of the people/Government
  • Compare this response with other places in the world
  • Include quotes from experts and witnesses
  • Outline any positives that may come from this and the next steps
  • Picture and caption


As an extra task- you could even record yourself reading your report and send it to your teacher to listen to! 


  • Technical vocabulary (e.g. tectonic plates, ring of fire, parts of a volcano, types of volcano, ash clouds, lava, magma, pumice, lava flows, richter scale, epicenter, human resources, infrastructure, evacuate, survival, response, developed and less developed worlds)