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Wednesday 13th May


-Your English lesson and activity can now be found on Google Classrooms. 

-Please login, complete and upload for your teacher to see

-If you need a word document version, please find it below and upload to GC when complete. 


-Maths today requires you to login to My Maths and complete the most recent activity set

-If you have a back log of tasks, please complete some of these too

-Extension: Login to Maths Whizz or TTRockstars for 20 minutes


-Watch the two short videos first to get a feeling of what life was like during the Tudor era.
-Then read through the Power Point slides.

-At the end you will be asked to compare the lives of the rich and poor. You can, if you wish, write the comparison on paper and upload it.
Finally, we have a little challenge for you. Will you meet it??????