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Wednesday 22nd April

Welcome to Day 3

Thank you also much to those of you who are sending in your work for us to see- it's fantastic to know you're all working hard. 

Guided Reading

-Access the Primary Shakespeare Company website. You may need to sign up initially. 

-Re-watch the first video to familiarise yourself with the story

-Jot down any vocabulary you don't understand and research the definitions 
prosperous, subjects, succulent, Duke, book spines, glimmering, precious, conjured, infuriated. 



- Complete the punctuation and grammar exercises below. 

-Don't forget to click on the websites in the document if you need more support.  

-There is a second grammar activity that is trickier! 

History LO: To research and create a fact file about William Shakespeare

-Include personal information about him and his family, information on his plays and famous works, any famous sayings or quotes from his plays or sonnets and a glossary of Shakespearean terms.

-Watch this Video about his life 

-View the Shakespeare powerpoint below to support your research 

-There is a template to use below but you may decide to include a lot more detail in your own layout. 

French- All About School Tout sur l'école

-Keep up your French by watching this short video
-Don't forget to pause the video to practise your own pronunciation. 

-Bonne Chance Year 5!


Extra Task

-Daily work is being set on MyMaths. Login today and spend 20 minutes completing as much as you can.


Don't forget that every Friday we announce the top users of MyMaths, BugClub and Maths Whizz from over the week! 

Word of the week

Prosper (verb)

Choose the correct line which best fits the word.

A   To sing joyfully in a choir.

B   To succeed at doing something.

C   To lose something very important.

Let us know what you think.

Brain Buster

Have a look out for these because they really make you think!


The items in your refrigerator have gone on strike and posted a list of demands (right next to the mustard). What are their demands?


Fill me up you are emptying me far too quickly.

Stop opening the door so often.