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Wednesday 29th April

Guided Reading

-Attached is a piece of text about the life of William Shakespeare

-Read it carefully and answer the comprehension questions

-The answers are at the end of the document 


- We are continuing our work on similes and metaphors. 

-Remind yourself on what they are by watching this video

-Read the poem below and identify the similes and then the metaphors. 

Extension: Create a poem about anything you'd like using metaphors and similes.


Storm at Sea

In the great old storm the thunder goes bang bang bang! It is like a beating drum,
It is as loud as a firing gun at the start of a race,
It is an enormous earthquake,
The thunder is furious at the world.
Bang bang bang!

In the great old storm the wind goes whoosh whoosh whoosh! It is like a howling wolf,
It is as cold as ice from the Arctic,
It is a wild whistle blowing high and low,
The wind is singing a deadly song.
Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

In the great old storm the waves go crash crash crash! They are as tall as towering buildings in a city, They are like fists pounding the surface,
They are blue bulldozers of the sea,

The waves are waving sailors goodbye to Davy Jones' Locker. Crash crash crash!


By Alexander Rakic



-It's very important to keep  your arithmetic skills fresh in your mind!

-Complete the arithmetic questions below showing your working out

-The answers are at the end so you can self-mark

-If you make any mistakes- make sure you edit in a different colour or head over to the BBC Bitesize if you need to refresh your knowledge on a particular method. 


-Our second lesson on forces is going to explore the concept of gravity. 

-Watch the video and complete the quiz

-Read through the PDF (making notes as you go)

-Create a poster 'all about gravity' including diagrams, colour and fun facts.

-You could even include 'lift the flap' elements if your creative juices are flowing! 

Extra Task

-Create a shadow puppet theatre by watching the video below. 

-You could base your theatre on The Tempest and follow the video or create other characters linked to another book that inspires you

-Spend some time on this and send us a photo when you're done!

-We can't wait to see you designs! 

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Still image for this video