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Week 1


I wanna play in a band

Listen and Appraise - I Wanna Play In A Band by Joanna Mangona:


Questions to think about:

Do you like the song?

What can you hear?

What is the style of this music?

How is the song put together?


Play the song. find and move to the pulse 


After listening, talk about the song and answer the questions together using correct musical language.






The answers

Do You Like the Song?

It doesn't matter if you like or don't like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don't.


What Can You Hear?

How many singers? Male/female? Male and female.

The backing/accompaniment: how many instruments?

Which ones? A rock band: electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards.

Which instruments plays the solo? The electric guitar.  

Is there a hook?Yes: the words are “I Wanna Play In A Band”.


The texture:

is it thick, thin or inbetween?

Are there many layers of sound, or just one/two?

Are there many voices singing/instruments playing, or just one/two?

The texture is thick and stays the same throughout the song.

The tempo:

is it fast, slow or inbetween? Inbetween.

The dynamics:

is the music loud, quiet or inbetween?

Is it the same throughout or does it vary? The song is loud throughout.  The arrangement: which voices/instruments sing/play in which sections? The instruments build up in number during the song.


What is the Style of this Music?

Is it Pop/Rock/Blues/Gospel/Ballad/R&B/Rap/Soul? A Rock song.