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Week 2

Week 2 LO: I can construct a simple branching database and ask yes/no questions to navigate it.


Remind them what they did in week 1


Today they are going to learn how to create their own branching data file using j2branch

Type j2E into google

Then use easy login (the login details should be in your reading record, if you cant find them email your class teacher)

Find j2data, Branch from j2easy launch.

Demonstrate how to create own branching data file using the provided ‘Animals’ and selecting the park background. Just select 3 animals, e.g. squirrel, bird, cat.

(Follow these steps)





Go through – sorting these three with sensible questions – getting them to help you – but guiding them.


Tell them that you were actually thinking of a rabbit and show them how to add another animal.



Create own branching data tree Start with 3 animals. 

Think and decide what good questions are type them in, to sort / split the animals. 
Repeat with more / others, if time.