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Week 2

Week 2 LO:  I understand that humans have offspring which grow into adults.

Recap - What is offspring? from last week (when human and animals reproduce and have a baby)


Go through these pictures



Put the pictures in order of when each stage happens. They should try and use the correct vocabulary


Go through each stage of the human life cycle

Baby  0-1 year completely dependent on parents- question: How do babies communicate?


Toddler 1-3 years- still dependent on parents but now begin to walk, talk and do some things without help. What were you like as a toddler?


Child: 4-12 years Children can do many things without help. They develop quickly and grow a lot. What is the difference between a 4 year old and 12 year old.


Teenager: aged 13 years to 18/19 years. Teenagers can do many things that even adults do. They are quite independent. What can teenagers do that children can’t? (They have increasing responsibilities)


Adult- Aged over 19. Fully grown and responsible- now can have children of their own to repeat the cycle again.  Is it exciting to be an adult?


Elderly- Aged over 60 – body begins to age, hair turns grey- some elderly people retire due to working hard to enjoy the last part of their lives.

What do they look like at that age? (physical differences)



 Draw the human life cycle with the different names of the stages, what happens and when each one occurs.



write which part of the life cycle is the best and why - explaining fully.


Look photos of when they were younger - they should identify if they were a toddler or a baby. What can they do now that they couldn’t in the photos