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Week 3

Week 3 LO: I can use a running stitch to attach materials

Go through what they did last week

Today they are going to start their wall hanging

We are going to start with the turtle

Using last week’s design model select materials you need for the turtle

Draw out turtle carefully onto felt it should be A4 size

Cut out turtle carefully

Draw hexagon shape (use plastic hexagon shape to draw around)

How should I join these components together?

They will sew

Demonstrate how to thread a needle and then how to knot

Watch running stitch video


Parent to model how to pin hexagon in place and do a simple running stitch by going over and under

Explain that by repeating a running stich over and over in the same place it can strengthen the join. When they have finished they should knot and trim off the thread

Discuss using needles and safety


Refer to their design from last week and select materials for the turtle only

  1. Select materials
  2. Draw turtle (provide a template for orange table to draw around) Cut turtle
  3. Draw shapes for the turtle shell Cut shapes for the turtle shell Pin shape to turtle
  4. Thread needle and knot. Start running stitch to secure hexagon onto turtle

Have you joined the hexagon onto the turtle securely? Recap that by going over the same stitch it will be stronger

If you think you might find sewing practise over and under movement using lacing cards before they start sewing

If you are feeling adventurous, layer fabric pieces!