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Week 3

Week 3 LO: I recognise how my body has changed since I was a baby

First ask them to tell you anything they have been told about what they were like as a baby, and how they are different now compared with when they were a baby or toddler. Ask them to complete these sentences, saying each one in turn:

‘When I was a baby I could…’;

‘Now I am 6/7 years old I can…’;

‘When I am grown up I will be able to…’


Explain to them you have a mystery bag of pictures/items to show them. Ask them to look at the items carefully as you take them from the bag and see if they can work out the connection between the items and growing up/ getting older.

Slowly remove the pictures/items from the bag.

Suggested items:

Baby - rattle, dummy, feeding bottle;

Toddler - building bricks, plastic bowl/mug, tiny shoes

Child - reading book, pencil & paper, Lego

Teenager – cycle helmet, smart phone, make-up

 Adult - car keys, credit card, passport,









Ask them what they think the connection is. Explain that, for humans, growing up takes longer than for many living things. It doesn’t only mean getting bigger, but also learning and being able to do more and more.


Set out the labels ‘Baby’, ‘Toddler’, ‘Child’, ‘Teenager’,



‘Adult’ to make a timeline on the floor or board. Using the items previously shown from the bag ask them to sequence where each item ‘belongs’. As you do this draw out from the discussion that growing up comes with a wider range of abilities, more freedom, more independence, more responsibilities and more knowledge.





Create their own timeline using the template provided.

Think about what they could/ will be able to do at each age and to draw pictures or write this down on the template.

e.g. Baby: I couldn’t walk or talk; Toddler: I learnt to walk and feed myself; Child: I now go to school and can read; Teenager: I will be able to stay out later with friends; Adult: I might have my own family.